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Grain dryer ZSSh-4000
  • Grain dryer ZSSh-4000

Grain dryer ZSSh-4000

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ZSSH - 1500 gas grain dryer is an effective, relatively inexpensive, easy - to - operate and maintain development. It is used for thermal treatment, drying, harvested grain crops. Able to work with all types of grain. Differs in high precision of processing parameters setting. This ensures the optimal temperature regime for each individual crop.

Grain dryer ZSSH - 1500 gas - provides high - quality thermal treatment, drying, agricultural raw materials. Designed to work with various types of grain crops. Processes up to 4.5 tons of raw materials per hour. Differs in relatively low energy consumption for processing.

Grain dryer ZSSH - 1500 gas - is characterized by an effective design solution of the working capacity, "mine". A solution to prevent the formation of stagnant zones. Providing the most efficient use of the heat resource. Ensuring an optimal combination of heating and cooling modes.

Grain dryer ZSSH - 1500 gas - differs in relatively low energy consumption for processing grain material. Made of durable materials, resistant to aggressive influences. The quality of which, as well as the quality of the construction, guarantees many years of highly efficient work. Minimizes maintenance and repair costs.

Technical characteristics ZSSH - 1500 gas grain dryer 

  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 4200 x 2600 x 5940 mm
  • Grain dryer weight 3700 kg
  • Electricity consumption no more than 4.6 kW / h
  • Productivity for drying corn grain 1500 kg / hour 
  • Productivity for drying wheat and barley grains 4500 kg / hour
  • Productivity for drying rapeseed grain 3000 kg / hour
  • Drying agent temperature up to 120 ° С
Type of fuel:Natural Gas
Method of travel:Mobile
Profile: 4200 х 2600 х 5940 "
Information is up-to-date: 23.04.2021

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